Alpha Nu has a long standing tradition of academic excellence. In fact, we have been at the top of the IFC GPA standings ninety-four times in the last one hundred semesters. In the last five years, we have averaged a 3.44, which is almost half a GPA point higher than the all IFC five year average. 

A key aspect of the academic success we have had is our determined effort as a chapter to  ensure that our freshman make a healthy transition from high school to college. Many freshmen students find the new lifestyle of college difficult to adapt to, and personal time management a hard thing to implement into a environment that barely resembles that of a high school. In order to best accommodate this  transition, we require three study hours a night for our freshmen, Sunday through Thursday. The aim and purpose of study hours is to give new members a dedicated time of their day where they can have access to academic assistance from the active chapter, and be able to focus on their studies with out distraction. We also require study hours for active members who do not meet our academic requirements as a chapter. 

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